Iowa Falls High School

Class of 1969


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40th Reunion

1969 was a year that saw the moon landing, Woodstock, the birth of Earth Day, and the dawn of America's gay rights movement. For the Class of 1969, it was a time their parents didn't understand, and their children envy.

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45TH Reunion

We had a successful 45th Reunion. It started on Friday the 4th of July with a Wine and Cheese Event sponsored by Linda and Liam Forrestal at their cabin on the Westside.

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"A man plants a tree knowing he will never see it die; a man sees a tree die and wishes he could see it planted." The IFHS Class of 1969 held a final dedication of all the trees in their Memorial Arboretum at Calkins Nature Center during their 50th Reunion. Details can be found on the Arboretum Page