Iowa Falls High School

Class of 1969

Shelley Hesser

Shelley Hesser 

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Full Name While at IFHS Shelley Rose Hesser
Current Full Name Shelley Rose Raney
Home Address/City/State/Zip 317 NW Morningside Dr Grimes, IA 50111-8762
Home Phone (515)986-3619
Home Fax  
Personal Email randsraney at aol dot com
Personal WWW Page  
Significant Other Ron
Children/Grandchildren Jamie (deceased), Heather and Kristin
Occupation Child Care Provider
Company First Steps Child Care Center
Work Address/City/State/Zip 441 Gateway Dr Grimes. IA 50111
Work Phone (515) 986-0920
Work Fax  
Work Email  
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Biographical Information:

Here's my life since high school in a nutshell: I was married to Dave Ditmmer (remember him?) and had one child (Jamie). We lived in Sioux City. We divorced in 1975. A year later I met my husband Ron through his sister and were married 2/12 months after meeting. This year marks our 30th wedding anniversary. We had two daughters-Heather and Kristin. Heather is 27 and lives at home. She is also autistic. Kristin lives in Des Moines and is a nanny for two children. Sorry, no grandkids in the near future. I am a child care provider, so these are my grandkids. Ha! Ha!. Ron is an over-the-road truck driver for UPS and drives at night to Kansas City every night and sleeps during the day. Works out quite nicely. I work while he sleeps and we eat together and I have my nights to do as I please. Mom and Dad are both deceased, so It's jus Gene and I. He lives in Des Moines and is remarried. I see him about twice a year on Holidays. But we e-mail each other quite often. I know I've gotten older when in 2005 I discovered I was diabetic. In 2003 they found out I have Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy. What a kick in the head. This is my life up to now. I love you and can't wait to see all of you,