Iowa Falls High School

Class of 1969

Pat Brady

Pat  Brady 

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Full Name While at IFHS Pat Brady
Current Full Name Trish Belcher
Home Address/City/State/Zip 5721 Shaw Road, Tolar, TX 76476
Home Phone 469-358-0196
Home Fax  
Personal Email trishbelcher at gmail dot com
Personal WWW Page  
Significant Other O.T. Belcher 
Children/Grandchildren Trent - 35 - daughters Breanna/12 and Baylee/8 Annie (deceased) - Chris/34 stepson and his son, Johnathan/7 
Occupation Enjoying Life 
Work Address/City/State/Zip  
Work Phone  
Work Fax  
Work Email  
Work WWW Page  
Biographical Information:

The last reunion was great! Thank you all for making my husband an honorary class member since he took all the pictures at this reunion. He got some great shots of Amber Halley and Wade.

We will all treasure these memories.

We look forward to the next reunion. They just get better and better!!