Iowa Falls High School

Class of 1969


Some of our class members attended a country school east of Iowa Falls called "Willowdale." The school closed after our classmate's kindergarten year and then they transferred into town.


Although the picture also shows some older kids (because they were all in the same room), it does have several from our class grouped in the back corner around their teacher. (Karen Dole submitted the photo and these are her notes):

We're in the back left corner. If you start in the back left by the teacher, the blond boy is Randy Aldinger. Right in front of the teacher (face covered) is Tom Chaplin. The kid in the  plaid shirt was older than our class; to his left with the dark hair is Dale Hadwiger. I'm (Karen Dole) the dark haired girl next to him.  The girl in front of me is not in our class, and the boy to her right is Dennis Thies.


Back Area Enlarged