Class of 1969

Sharon Richsmeir

Sharon Ritchsmeier

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Full Name While at IFHS Linda Joy Rieks 
Current Full Name Linda Mercer 
Home Address/City/State/Zip Gibbon, NE 
Home Phone 308-468-5842 
Home Fax  
Personal Email lmercer at rcom-ne dot com 
Personal WWW Page  
Significant Other Tom Mercer 
Children/Grandchildren 3, 5, or 8. Depends on who is included. 
Occupation RN, Compliance Officer 
Company Great Plains Radiology 
Work Address/City/State/Zip P O Box 2505 
Work Phone 308-865-2217 
Work Fax 308-238-2254 
Work Email lmercer at gprnm dot com 
Work WWW Page  
Biographical Information:

I graduated from the University of Minnesota in nursing. Book nerd that I was, I wanted a career as a professional student, but it pays so poorly. I did the next best thing and got a job where they actually pay me to read the rules and regs and tell them what to do. Unbelievable! I also farm with my husband and son in a 4th generation family corporation that's been very good to us. I didn't want kids, but graciously compromised and quit after 3. My husband didn't quit, however, and he started collecting orphans. We topped out at 10 kids one summer. That's about the time I started flying away every chance I could. We had a wonderful time raising kids--thank God for not letting me have my way!-- and I now have fun places to visit all over the world. I'll live 6 weeks of the year with each adult child and never have to go to a nursing home. More of them need to move to Florida.

I love life and never pass up a new thing. My passion is social justice and I serve on the Boards of a couple organizations that champion social change. I can't wait to see what blessings I'll be given in the next decade! All of you were this decade's gift! Peace and Plenty--Linda on the prairie