Iowa Falls High School

Class of 1969

Thurston Lamberson


Thurston Lamberson

Thurston with his two sons, Dalas and Travis, his daughter Tiffany, and his two grand daughters, Samantha and Morgan
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Full Name While at IFHS Thurston Lamberson
Current Full Name Thurston Lamberson
Home Address/City/State/Zip 5539 2nd Avenue Circle West, Palmetto, FL 342221
Home Phone 941-721-7686
Home Fax  
Personal Email tlamberson at msn dot com
Personal WWW Page  
Significant Other Joanne Lamberson
Children/Grandchildren Travis, Dalas, Tiffany
Occupation General Contractor
Company TLC Diversified, Inc.
Work Address/City/State/Zip 2719 17th Street East, Palmetto, FL 34221
Work Phone 941-722-0621
Work Fax 941-722-1382
Work Email tlamberson at tlcdiversified dot com
Work WWW Page

I was born in Hampton, Ia., on February 12, 1951 to farming parents living about 2 miles northwest of Bradford.  I attended K thru 6th at North side Grade School in Hampton.  It was during that period that I entered the construction industry.  Outfitted with a remarkable collection of Tonka Construction Equipment, the mid 1950’s found me building roads across the lawn at the farm.  This was a very productive time in my life and it was there that I learned the true force of the Toro Hurricane and the potential damage to our nation’s highways and byways.  Thank the good lord for the schooling, as there is where I learned about the rain and winds and why lawn mower blades tear up well built roads. 

By age 6, however, I had advanced beyond the road building stage to residential construction and was into the elevated two story high rise of the tree house.  My neighbor and partner in this business was none other than our fellow classmate, Roger Marchant, whom lived on the other side of the section. 

By age 12, however, the partnership was dissolved as the farm was sold, and we moved into Bradford (the whole 2 miles) where Father pursued his love of television electronics and hung out his shingle for a repair shop.  I then spent 7th and 8th grades attending Bradford country school.  What a grand time in my life this was.  All homework was done in class and you still had time to read a book a week or better!  However, my career in construction had to take back burner while I pursued higher learning like Algebra and such. 

Upon completion of my duty at Bradford School, I then became a victim of bussing and was sent to Iowa Falls High for my finishing as a construction worker.  I, of course, graduated in 1969 which means that I was very fortunate indeed.  The following fall took me to Ellsworth College to perhaps determine if I had enough talent to do something besides build things.   

Well, that started out with my old friend Willard Rikena who took me through his Engineering Drawing course.  Now I don’t know necessarily what all them other classes were about as I didn’t have much interest nor did I pay much attention, but I did like this idea of being able to draw up what I wanted to build so that someone other than me could build it!  What a really great idea you got there, Mr. Rikena!  That semester was my only experience with college, as I found a job as a draftsman-in-training for the Mulfords of Hampton and by 1971, I was designing banks across the state and others were sure enough doing the building!  

1972 saw a move into residential drafting, a marriage and a Son; Travis Lloyd.  Travis now lives in Klemme Iowa, has two wonderful daughters (I’ve been a Grandpa since 40) and is currently considering moving his entire family to Florida to be with his Pop.  How cool is that? 

But, life goes on and so did I.  1974 saw me relocated to Minneapolis where I continued the drafting profession for the main part throughout the mid ‘70’s.  In 1977 I met an Australian lady that took my breath away and off we went to Florida, where I had my second son, Dalas Hampton.  He is working along side his Pop here at the business and has managed to remain single up till now.   

After a few attempts to leave the industry I had been in for 20 something years, I took a job building wastewater treatment plants in 1978.  By 1984 I had reached VP of the company I was working for and they went caput, so I went on my own in 1985.  By 1999, I had been single again for quite some time and finally settled down to marry the lady that has been the other half of my business since I started up.  This brought me a step-daughter, Tiffany, whom is no more or less than a daughter to me and, as well, is now a part of the business.  

We built a nice home on Terra Ceia Bay at that time and reside there today.   Our interests are hard work, good music, the sea, food, books, writing and good friends.  We love life, we love our family, both blood and company, and we love helping others.  I personally can think of no better way for a construction worker like myself to be or to have.  It is my true hope that each and every one of my classmates has found the satisfaction in his or her life that I have found in mine.  Here’s to the best part of our lives being ahead of us yet.