Iowa Falls High School

Class of 1969

Ann Gough


Ann Gough 

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Full Name While at IFHS Ann Marie Gough
Current Full Name

Ann Sullivan

Home Address/City/State/Zip

2029 Cambridge Dr. Coralville IA 52241

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Personal Email annie.sullorama at gmail dot com
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Significant Other Bill Sullivan
Children/Grandchildren Shane (27) and wife Carolyn Iverson   Eleni (Iverson 24) and husband Robbie Riggs
Occupation Retired Activity Supervisor
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Biographical Information:

Let's see, after graduating for H.S. I did 2 years at Ellsworth receiving an AA degree. I then attended University of Iowa and received a BA in Leisure Studies. I had thought I was going to work with special needs children but instead I ended up working at one of Iowa's prisons. Kind of the same. I met my husband, Jack, there. No, not a resident, but a counselor. We married and moved to North Liberty. Years brought us two children Shane in 1980 and Eleni in 1982. I went back and got a MA degree and became a supervisor in the system. In November of 1996 my husband, Jack, died. It sucked but  with the help of family and friends the kids and I kept on going. We miss him everyday and are glad we have some awesome memories. I remarried a great guy in July of 2001 and we moved to Coralville. I retired in September of 2006. I am glad to say it's great.  My 24 y/o daughter, Eleni, married May of 2007 here in Iowa City area though she and her husband live in Raleigh, NC. My 27y/o son, Shane got married in August of 2007 in Bethel, AK where he lives with his wife. So my retirement has been taken up with weddings. I am still active with my professional organization and service club. I belong to  book clubs. I volunteer for Hospice both as speaker and working with clients. My husband and I love to travel and now that the weddings are done we hope to do more. I am also in the process of moving my mom to the Iowa City area for health reasons.  Life so far has been an interesting journey, can't wait to see where it goes next.