Iowa Falls High School

Class of 1969

Ellen Dodds

Ellen Dodds 

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Full Name While at IFHS Ellen Dodds 
Current Full Name Ellen Hagen 
Home Address/City/State/Zip 3190 Saratoga Ave Jewell IA 50130 
Home Phone 515-827-5618 
Home Fax  
Personal Email elhagen at globalccs dot net 
Personal WWW Page
Significant Other Robert Hagen 
Children/Grandchildren Sarah 28, Nicolette 28 
Occupation office work, metal cutter, bolt seller 
Company Hagen Welding 
Work Address/City/State/Zip 904 Main St Jewell IA 50130 
Work Phone 515-827-5111 
Work Fax 515-827-5111 
Work Email  
Work WWW Page  
Biographical Information:

I graduated from Mankato State College with an Elementary Ed degree and Early Childhood minor. I didn't like the preschool student teaching and knew I wouldn't ever do that. Never say never. I have owned Preschools in Hubbard and in Radcliffe. I taught Elementary Library Skills for 3 years in Radcliffe. After Bob and I bought the welding shop and moved to Jewell in 1989 I substituted at the South Hamilton Schools until it wasn't fun anymore. Now my days are filled with work and being an EMT and Fire Fighter 1 with Jewell Fire and Rescue where I am an Officer. In my spare time I am working on quilts.

In September, I was elected 5th Vice President of the Iowa Firemen's Association. The Iowa Firemen's Association is a state organization of firefighters, dedicated to the improvement of the Iowa Fire Service and the general public, through legislation, better training, minimum standards for fire apparatus and equipment, fire prevention, public relations and information, as well as the various other issues that face the fire service from time to time. This is a 7 year commitment to the IFA; I will work my way up to Past President. If you are interested in us the website address is: